This spelling is used to express the amount of shit that they pass. If this were to be pronounced, it would have an extention of "o"s. This would give meaning to how much they have passed.
For a big shit it would be "I just done a Pooooo"
by Cheyne January 25, 2004
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poo spelt with 3 o's means a Sam Pooo or a smelly pooo.
'Your a pooo!'
by Jilly mc woooey poooooooooo November 13, 2003
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An absolute legend nicknamed for smashing his girls poo shoot. Can be found in Openshaw penetrating tampon tunnels.
Shiiit, i wish i was Pooo Mann
by PoooMann February 01, 2011
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the hymn of the greatest soccer team in the world( ITALY )
After the Italians defeated the French in the World Cup the crowd screamed " po po po po po pooo pooo!!!!!!"
by Dan the eye talian man June 18, 2008
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