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to engage in coitus. Origin: the Ojibwe natives in Minnesota. The Ojibwe have a phrase "Poonjegay" which means "to dip meat in grease." Among the teenagers there, it's shortened to "Poonj" and has become slang for sex.
"Hey, did you two poonj last night?"
"Were you guys poonjin?"
by M-HO March 10, 2005
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A somewhat demeaning name for people of Indian descent and surrounding regions (i.e. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.) Based on the word "punjabi".
Person A: "Hey man, do you know Sri?"
Person B: "I'm not sure, what does he look like?"
Person A: "He's the poonj in our chemistry class, the one who knows all the answers."
Person B: "Oh the poonj! Why didn't you say so?!"
by The Zebra Gang December 28, 2014
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