the act of getting arrested while at a beach. Alcohol is usually involved.
We totally got pomeroyed at the condo last weekend.
by marcy h. pomperoy October 13, 2007
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Crazy (:
Random.. (:
Pretty (:
Frendly (:
Funnyy ! (:
You are so Ali Pomeroy today!
( meaning you are so pretty today (: )
by Jennnnnnafurh April 26, 2011
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Eliot is a very cool, sexy, and likable man with a chiseled jawline, and a MASSIVE phallus. He has a 6 pack, and is absaloutely goated at skating. Also his clothes are sopping wet. Not from peeing himself, he’s just dripped out from head to toe.
eliot pomeroy is the name of a man with a very large phallus.

“Oh look Samantha, there goes eliot pomeroy. I heard his phallus is very large.”
by Yuh yuh yuh yuh yew July 01, 2021
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Taking an employee you have workign for you into a remote area and forcefulyl ramming your cock into their ass with no lubrication. It is best done after making them many promises of things you will do for them, but giving them nothing and leaving them bleeding from the ass and crying.
When Tony took me into the conference room I thought I was going to get a raise, but I got nothing but a Pomeroy Straight Fucking
by assrael October 06, 2009
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One hell of a badass dude! If you come across a Jesse Pomeroy you should not make eye contact, as he is intimidating to men and unavoidably handsome to women. He has hypnotizing eyes and an amazing sense of humor! Beware!
by TheRealness2015 June 14, 2015
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A stupid chef who is still obsessed with Alyssa Johnson and he's really annoying tbh roller skating is his life and he must be blind because he can't see that some people like him and that annoys them and me and he thinks he's so cool but really he just has a big toe and makes pasta
Oh look Alyssa it's Shane pomeroy !
Ugh I don't wanna get back together for the 383848 time !
by Dudeilovedanhowell November 19, 2016
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