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Regarding dietary habit, a combination of pollotarian (one who eats poultry and no other meat) and pescetarian (one who eats seafood and no other meat) for describing one with a relatively simple restriction, usually based on ethical value, religious faith, or personal taste -- one who does not eat red meat, but only "white" meat and animal by-products; basically, one who does not eat mammals.
Person 1: "Hey, do you want some bacon?"

Person 2: "No thanks, I'm just going to have some chicken. I'm a pollo-pescetarian."

Person 1: "What the fuck is that?"

Person 2: "Someone who doesn't eat red meat."

Person 1: "Why? Are you a religious nut or something?"

Person 2: "No, I just believe that there is a point where the evolutionary advancement of an animal, and its ability to experience emotion, its ability to feel pain, its intelligence, its sociable tendencies, its size -- really its connection to the human race -- is far too advanced for us to allow ourselves to systematically kill them for food we do not need. There are few biological distinctions between dogs and pigs, or humans and most mammals for that matter."

Person 1: "Oh... eh, bacon tastes too good."

Person 2: *facepalm*
by Triforceful April 05, 2011
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