A term used to hide the true meaning of a word or term, so that certain people, such as criminals and terrorists, will not get offended.

This is used mainly by politicians on the left side of the political spectrum, i.e. Democrats in the United States.
by RoundenBrown October 10, 2015
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Can be considered pejorative. noun, A term used earliest by American conservatives to neutralize discussions on prejudice in the United States. Used to imply political rights are being taken away from the speaker by the target. Target is implied to be an authoritarian no matter whether or not any actual rights are abridged, thusly most occurrences of the term are used in straw man arguments.
A: You dirty wop.
B: Hey, you're racist!
A: That's political correctness! You're trying to take away my 1st Amendment rights!
B: You're dumb. I'm calling you out, that's all.
A: And thusly, you're more of a racist, than I am!
by CA.B. February 01, 2007
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A concept of inoffensive language that has played far more by conservative attempting martyrdom than by liberals attempting to change society. By pointing out they're political incorrectness consevatives can pretend to be witty, edgy or worthy of sympathy.

There have been no state laws made to make saying "politically incorrect" things criminal. There are a number of television shows that try to flaunt the politically correct angle. None of theses have been reprimanded by the FCC.
Even the ranting of insanely radical organizations such as the KKK are still protected by the government.

"Political correctness persecution" is, ironically a politically correct term in itself. It used to be called "the consequences of being an insulting foulmouthed prick, you dumbass".

The only true examples of political correctness overkill are from privately owned entities which have been able to define their behavior codes (i.e. no shoes, no shirt, no service) since forever and student governments which are apeshit and transitory anyhow.
If you act like a jerk people will not like you. This is a fact of life. Don't blame political correctness.
by A ton of pounds November 07, 2004
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oversensitivity about words, and confusion over the use of language. being unable to understand the concept of context. bothe liberals and conservatives are just as guilty: liberals come up with retarded, complicated terms for minorities (calling a person African-American who's never been to Africa and doesn't know the culture), while if you mention the downsides and and hypocrisies of a religion or its followers, conservatives will never cease riding your ass. cons also tend to get sore about four letter words (fuck, shit) that only substitute subtler terms.
I am black, and don't see how that term is offensive.

how is a little four letter word like "fuck" going to hurt anyone?
by M.star November 13, 2004
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1. Form of mind and language control devised by moronic left-wingers, achieved through deeming terms such as "fat", "black" and "short" to be taboo based upon ridiculous analogues to racist terminology. Potentially a real-life analogue of George Orwell's Newspeak (due to a mutual use of ideas derived from the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis).

2. Politically correct term for politically justified fascism.

3. State of eternal purgatory that would exist if the entirety of the universe were "politically correct", as nothing could possibly exist (alluded to by Jimbo in South Park, when he explains that the word "nay" could potentially be offensive to horses).
1. Thanks to political correctness, criminal profiling will eventually become a lost art form.

2. 'I considered myself to be a politically justified fascist, but was told that calling myself that could potentially be offensive to others who possessed similar beliefs. So, now, I am a "politically correct individual".'

by SpaceWang August 14, 2009
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a platonic ideal, an abstraction, a form, an eternal immaterial underlying reality. Political correctness is an ideal whose standards are so unrealistic that no one has ever met them and all instances we encounter in this material world of it are but deformed and imperfect copies of that ideal. No novel is politically correct. No play is politically correct. No poem. No film. No song. No speech. No president. No talk show, organization or law is perfectly politically correct. And yet we are still punished for failing to meet its ungodly demands.
Shakespeare, Milton, Plato, Kant, D.H. Lawrence and Homer are but a few names in the hall of shame of political incorrectness. So what chance does an average Joe have of ever demonstrating pure political correctness?
by plato's heir December 17, 2009
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The ultimate tool in Liberal fascist's war against freedom of speech.
Me: Dang that guys short.

PC person: You should use political correctness and say he's vertically challgend.

Me: Dude......shut up!
by squrillyboy October 17, 2009
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