1. When one flexes their tongue into a "point" at the tip and then proceeds to go ham directly on the clit while giving oral. This seems to be inspired by shitty porn and not only doesn't feel good, it's an abomination and needs to be stopped.

2. One of the worst ways to eat pussy.
Jess: Last night Brian used pointy-tongue.

Sarah: oh my god, you should break up with him.
by Jam Sandwitcher November 29, 2017
A sharp looking vagina, can also be used to describe a female with an enlarged clit or a shemale.
1.Dude! That chick has one pointy tuppy!
2.I went down on what i thought was a chick, but damn she had a pointy tuppy.
3.Look at you and your pointy tuppy.

by Freesausage August 7, 2007
pointy prick is a funny,cute word for penis meaning its pointing in you trousers or its a word to describe just how hard it is
whoa u have a pointy prick
your penis is so hard its pointy
aww look at your 3 inch prick all pointy like
by dark devil August 8, 2006
A problem common in men who can't grow facial hair and are probably to cheap to buy the morning coffee
Awesome guy 1: it's Jacobs turn to buy the morning coffee
Awesome guy 2: he wont pay look at his pointy nipples
by nip paul May 31, 2014
Something pointy that cannot be named
Girl: I found a .... Pointy ....thingy
Boy: a pointy thingy ?
Girl: I'm not sure what it's called , but it's pointy !
by Tumblioing February 12, 2016
Relying on the pointing and clicking of a computer mouse pointer to accomplish a task, instead of keyboard shortcuts.

In software engineering, this may also refer to accomplishing a task by manually pointing and clicking through a UI, as opposed to writing code to automate the task.
Bob pointy clickied his way though opening Task Manager, instead of using ctrl+alt+delete.

The devops engineer decided to pointy clicky the backup of the production database, which accidentally resulted in all production data being lost.
by ivanmartinvalle April 29, 2020
When someone has oddly angular lips. Usually at less than 45 degree angle.
"My friend Allie has a pointy lips! Her top lips looks pointy in her profile!"
by AugustaME May 6, 2009