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A miniature motorcycle that is a small-scale replica of a full sized production (usually race version) motorcycle. Pocketbikes originated in Japan in the 1980s and naturally people started racing them. The trend moved towards Europe where the racing has grown, and now it has reached the USA. Original pocket bikes were made in Japan, and then European manufacturers started making very high quality units. Currently the market is flooded with cheaper Chinese knock offs and original designs, some of which are found at retail locations such as AutoZone and Pep Boys. The bikes are usually sized anywhere from 30”-50” in length and 18”-30” in height. Most pocket bikes are powered by 50cc or smaller 2-stroke engines. Newer models are made which are clones of street bikes and actually have working lights, signals, horn, speedometer, electric start and sometimes even alarm systems.
I rode my polini pocketbike down the street and it was fun.
by Paramecium October 03, 2004
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A tiny bike that has a small size 2 stroke motor most often 49CC which is 3 Cubic Inches... (0.049 Liter)and some can do up to 50 MPH. most often ridin' by little kid at age 8 and up and sometimes highschool kids in their late teens. It is usually a japanese style sports bike, crotch rocket but can be a chopper as well (often 110cc). Some have working lights, turn signals, electric starts. This bike is also capable of scoring me $1400+ in fines via 7 traffic Violations!
No issurance (Not possible)
Driving with a suspended license (For this? are you an idiot?)
No Registration (has no year, make, model, VIN)
No Helmet
No Headlight (Neither do bicylces)
Riding on public highway (I was riding on the side walk)
Defective Equipment (nothing was defective)
And I was let off with the Loud Exhaust and nose orderance it was a "gift".
Alex: Yo can you come pick me up? i just got pulled over 5 miles from my house, can you come pick me up i got my pocket bike with me,
Friend: What the hell happened? Break?
Alex: No, ****** * **** ***** ** * **** PIG cop pulled me over doing 10 MPH minding my own business on the side walk. $1400+ 7 tickets and gotta walk my bike home.
Friend: thats ****n G*y
Alex: Ya i know... lets get back @ them.
by Its mE Alex January 09, 2006
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pocket bikes are mini corthc rockets
they range from 43 - 49cc mini motorcycles that are street legal.
check out
by locville April 21, 2004
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