Pronounced 'pumg' pmg is what an over excited or panicking noob would say when trying to say 'omg'
by John ohara September 21, 2008
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PMG stands for Poor Man's Gin, an alcoholic beverage perfected by a young aspiring Canadian. The official recipe calls for 3 parts vodka, 1 part 7up/Sprite/Mountain Dew, and a bunch of lemon. Top it off with some ice, and you are guaranteed to have a good night.

The PMG is much more deadly and powerful than an SMG. A Football Helmet should be worn when drinking a PMG, so you do not injure yourself throughout the night.
dude 1: I had four PMG's last night at nick's party, and threw up all over his bathroom. I had two more PMG's to wash out the taste of vomit in my mouth.

dude 2: NIIIICE!
by TheTurbinator September 20, 2012
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Post Masturbation Guilt. The feeling you get after ejaculation of simple guilt and disgust. Usually an unpleasant feeling.
Person One: Dude i just beat off to the hottest girl in school
Person two: Dude Same!!
Person one: Yeah but i got some mad pmg though
by SloppyBro April 30, 2010
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Post Master General, used in Seinfeld, or in Cleveland,
very mysterious person, lover of Crown Royal, master of "Posting Up" and all around a Godly person!
Hanna: Hey PMG!!! u bring the Crown?

Alex: How could i forget it?!?! I am the Post Master, arent I?

Hanna: Very true, I cant argue with that
by C Town Gunner April 24, 2008
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PMG is a phrase with no particular meaning, although it is frequently used to mean OMG. It is generally used to mock n00bs. However, it can be an acrostic standing for any number of phrases (see examples).
PMG equals...

by Junair Wiare May 03, 2006
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