a plump cunt that bulges out so much that the jeans stretch the zipper, exposing it.
Look at Brenda, her plunt is so big you can see the shinny gold zipper as she walks down the street.
by ohbrenda April 04, 2010
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used by a whole group of lamers who latched onto the 'leet speak' of the group of lamer internet users.
this cake is plunt good
yo i got plunt homework
by J Skrilla August 26, 2004
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The early stages of being drunk, state of existence after kicking back a few pints, and beginning to recover, where the mind is still not as sharp as it once was.
Not quite drunk, but a pinch past sober.
"Your mind isn't as sharp right now."
"I'm a bit plunted"
by A plunted bloke December 14, 2007
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Sara: OMG do you see Ariana shes totally acting like a damn plunt.

Maranda: Ughhhh, yea she is one anyways
by xoTalkIsCheep October 17, 2011
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It's when you take a tennis ball and you open up your arm and you put it in and then you stretch the skin over it and sew it shut. It then heals over the tennis ball to make it look like you have muscles.
Damn, Arin! Where did you get those muscles?

Oh, these are just my arm plunts.
by victoriousmoon October 29, 2018
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The action taken by a little man against all that is fun and enjoyable. This man takes fun and turns it into something hurt ful. Then a bigger man gets even.
See "The People v. Colin Lothrop murder case." Or visit Sean Rohan's grave.
by Clothroman April 13, 2005
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