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A woman who starts a fake relationship with a man for the purpose of personal gain.
Examples of this include: to make another man jealous, to improve her social standing or to acquire a Greencard.

To properly fit the definition of ployfriend, the man in the relationship must not be aware of what is occurring.
Sarah's parents did not approve of Brad, so Sarah used Mark as a ployfriend to appease her parents while she secretly slept with Brad.
by Fmax April 06, 2012
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a male acquaintance whose company is intended to portray the existence of a romantic or dating relationship to a third party observer, even though no such relationship actually exists.
Sara was being creeped on at the gym. So she asked Matt to be here ployfriend and go to the gym with her so the creeper would believe she was dating someone and leave her alone.
by adicus850 March 22, 2017
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