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By inviting Mary up for coffee, Bill was offering her plausible fuckable deniability, so as not to trip up her ASD.

"I have to show you this great Youtube video."

"What do you mean you haven't seen Avatar? I have a bootleg copy, let's watch it at my place."

"There's a beautiful lake view from my hotel room."
by ATexan March 3, 2010
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1) The words and actions of a socially talented person, often a salesman or aspiring actor/producer/pick-up artist, as he bounces from group to group at a particular event. Public speakers are capable of working the room without leaving the stage.

2) The seduction of an entire room of men by an attractive woman, often with the intent of sales or self-promotion.
Goofus was a wallflower all night, while Gallant was working the room.
by ATexan November 23, 2009
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