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The result of ejaculating on a sexual partner with dark skin. Named for the likeness of a clear night sky (or planetarium) with the contrast of droplets of ejaculate on dark skin.
Craig: Hey, African American girlfriend. Remember that time I popped one out on your belly.
Tracy: Yes, Craig. The contrast of your ejaculate on my awesome dark skin reminded me of a planetarium.
Craig: You might say that I gave you a Planetarium.
Tracy: Sure ... I guess you could.

Reginald: Yo, Franz, I heard dat Victoria got a photo of her planetarium up on da Facebook?
Franz: Shhhhiiittt. You mean a photo of dat booty with a bunch of cum all up on da surface of it?
Reginald: Yes.

Omar: Hey, Becky, did you hear that the superhero Captain Planitarium saved an entire city this morning?
Becky: Oh, really? How did he do that?
Omar: He ejaculated on everyone!
by richardblack3 April 24, 2014
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