What tattooed/pierced/scarred/modded people use to refer to annoying un-modded people who have the mistake misconception that NOT having mods somehow makes you better. implies that one completely misses the fact that body modification is one of the oldest act of humankind and one of the most striking differences between humans and animals.
"A plain skin can't comprehend the joy of body modification."
by Phro November 14, 2006
A person without ink or piercings.
Take out that piercing and cover up those tattoos before your grandparents are here!
- Never, just let those plain-skins get used to it.
by Robert John May 29, 2006
A person who doesn't have any tattoos or piercings. Their skin is like a blank canvas
'So what's that girl you met up with look like?'
'Alright, long blonde hair, quite tall, plain skinned.'
by Freeby March 9, 2014