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CBD Pixie Dust Syndrome (CBD PDS) is a condition associated with the compulsive act of sprinkling CBD into any random product, simply so one can merchandise the letters “CBD” in pursuit of… dolla dolla bill y’all.

According to a growing number of PDS companies, CBDs are great for:

-Candles & diffusers
-Bedding & household fabrics
-Male enhancement
-Nail polish & shampoo

Product purpose? Wrong question. Benefits? You don’t know? It’s CBDs! The science behind PDS products is revolutionary: no science whatsoever.
Joe: What if yoga leggings, but with CBD in them?
Bob: You might want to see a dr...I think you're coming down with a case of CBD Pixie Dust Syndrome.
by PDS Fairy January 20, 2020
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