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v. to plunder treasure
n. another name for pirate treasure.

Beastie Boys: "Profesor, what's another name for pirate treasure?" Professor: "Well I think it's booty, boo, boo, boo, booty, that's what it is..."
The treasure ship sank before it became pirate booty, much to the avail of piracy.
by Chance Lonestar October 06, 2006
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(adj)when a pirate and another pirate engage into pirate booty.
red beard: hey black beard
black beard: what some my pirate booty?
red: hell ya give me that pirate booty
black beard: spanks ass
red beard: whooo yeah i like this pirate sex matey
by Princess Raquel January 12, 2006
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When the normal definition of stank ass doesn't quiet cover it. A girl who tries to be attractive but stinks down below.
"Bro that girls bad as hell" " Nah fam she got that pirate booty"
by Hero Splendid April 23, 2018
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a snake that teaches kids too eat ass when they get older
mother: You have to earn it
via giphy
by SynomicalZ May 10, 2018
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