The coolest, funniest hobbit on lord of the rings. When u think someone is cool and funny you call them pippin.
Hey that guy is a damn pippin.
by Tiffany November 11, 2003
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Played by Billy Boyd, Pippin has an excellent singing voice and is one of the cutest Fellowship members! If you see a sweet hobbit-looking boy you can call him a Frodo, but if he also has a sense of humour you call him Pippin.
Have you seen that new lad, such a Pippin!
by Radclyffe January 22, 2004
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high on drugs,
medical condition which requires the smoking of large amount of cannabis(resin or bud form)
Medical Name;pipinusreckticus
i'm high as a "pippin"
dont do drugs or you'll be a pippin
by adrian May 7, 2005
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NERD: OMGosh those suspenders are so pippin'!!!
OTHER NERD: I no *snort snort*
by goobert92 January 5, 2005
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Pippin is a sarcastic and funny person. They enjoy the misery of others quite often, but do have a soft spot for their friends. Pippins have a hard time making friends because they are very picky about who they choose to be friends with and why. If you're friends with a Pippin, know that you are very lucky. Word of advice to those friends with Pippins, don't get on their bad can also be used to describe someone.
I love you like a Pippin! You're the bestfriend someone could ask for.
by Yoodle Yeet December 16, 2017
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1) To help out someone better than you
2) Scottie Pippin was there to get the rebound when Michael Jordan would miss
You were really Pippin it out there. When the wide receiver got past the all-American cornerback, you were there to cover him!
by Ipman34 February 1, 2020
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This cat is a one million beauty she was the light in the room, the queen of the castle, the if you have fresh chicken you better share some with your majesty, the you better not leave that door open or she will slip right outside. She was the happiest girl ever she lived with her mama and papa and cat companion pallo wallo. Today was her passing and she deserves this tribute because she was true royalty in the cat world and the most purest pet anyone could ever own. You will be missed Pippin and we will never forget the energy you projected when you entered the room you are at peace now and you’re free at last. Enjoy your new kingdom called heaven where it never snows but only shines because the grass will be greener on that side we will meet again pretty girl we love you most and always.♥️🙏🐾
Pippin wavs how are you today? , Pippin spin for a treat!, Pippin wanna go outside girl come on!
by Stoni tha boss March 9, 2023
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