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maddest place to live if u know people, if u dont then u should stay out or chances r u will get robbed every 10 mins, beatin up because the locals are bored and stabbed by the numerous gangs that run around. probably the worst places in pine rivers would be the bray park, warner, petrie, lawnton, strathpine, kallangur areas.
person a) oi man my cuzin lives in bray park and he wants us over for a open house u in,

person b) are u serious dude its not even safe to drive thru pine rivers, u on ya own
by north side crip boy February 22, 2008
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Quite frankly, the best damn school ever.
I wish I went to Pine River. That school is superior to every other- especially McBain.
by ;Dfacebooklover April 02, 2011
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