jasmin is a girl who is drop dead gorgeous. her personality is like no other once you get closer with her. she’s dry with you at first but if you show her that you can be loyal towards her she’ll open up completely. she never hesitates to help you if you’re feeling down but also needs some affection back. she’s not very open with her feelings as she finds it difficult to express them. her eyes are like magnets, you never can look away from the beauty. she can give some attitude and likes to be right if there’s an argument. she gives off a lot of confidence but can be emotional at times. if you get close enough that she chooses to love you and be with you, never take it for granted. she’s very good with communication and always knows what’s best for her. she’s very intelligent but struggles with math. jasmin never backs down on a good video game to play alone or with some friends. she’s a wonderful friend, girlfriend, and daughter. and i love her.
never take jasmin’s love for granted. her love is like no other
by conquelic November 21, 2021
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jasmin has the exotic beauty that will make you fall mad in love. every guy wants her, she’s the envy of all woman. she can make any man fall in love with her without trying but when she falls in love with a guy that will be the end of all other dudes. her eye is only at that one person, jasmins heart is in his hands. jasmin has a bad attitude but once you truly know her, she has a gold heart. but in matter, she will end up falling in love and marry a sagittarius. she has passion for basketball. dont mess with her she will hurt you with no hesitation whatsoever. shes an amazing girlfriend , best of Pisces if you grab her , never let her go. jasmin is a treasure.
jasmin is really pretty
by jehen May 29, 2019
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Jasmin is an an amazing young girl who will turn into a pretty lady she is liked by all of the boys and all of the girls look up to her she is incredibly talented and lover gymnastics she has plenty of friends and is very popular there is nothing bad to day of her
All of the teachers were speaking kindly of jasmin
by Ynicornblood July 22, 2017
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a term used for something extremely beautiful.
look outside its a jasmin day.
by jennyfromdablock August 17, 2006
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The most beautiful woman of all the females on the face of the world, her exotic beauty will make u simply cry. Every guy wants her,she's the envy of all woman. Aside from her intoxicating beauty,she is super intelligent and knows what she wants no matter the situation. She is super independent and doesn't depend on anyone or anything for help. She will make you laugh so hard you cry. She can make any man fall for her without even trying,she just has that sparkle in her eyes that will make you addicted to her. She is very articulate and well spoken. Through her kind words she has the power to make what ever she wants hers. Jasmin is magical and so is her touch, just with one she will have you wanting more. She has beauty and brains and uses her intelligence to her ability. She is adventurous and a natural beauty inside and out. She is a people pleaser and never says no. Her nature is to be kind hearted and humble and make everyone she loves happy. She is witty and sharp. Always fresh with a keen fashion sense. She has a lot of followers and envious girls who die to be on her team. She loves to try new things and is always on point in every aspect of her life without letting anyone take advantage of her. She has an aura about her that draws people. Her smile is t die for and her body is her temple. No wonder why everyone wants to be a Jasmin just look at her she's amazing
Wooaaahhh did u see jasmin? She never has a bad day, even on her worst day she kicks ass just as good as her body looks! I'm dying to get with jasmin she's too fine to be alone
by soleilsugarboo March 30, 2011
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1. someone who throws away a pumpkin after being given as a "heart warming get-well after getting your tonsils removed" present

2. someone who finds time to read even with the amount of work her school gives her

3. someone who calls people names just for the heck of it

4. someone you meet at mcdonalds on a half day with her mom and sister and have a delightful conversation with them

5. someone who you bombard with valentines day grams and lollipops and more on valentines day

6. someone you get a hello kit cat for her bday by suprise by telling her that she's getting a real cat for her bday instead

7. someone who watches house...and wishes that show was as good as the oc..

8. iono..cant think of anymore
Ex. that girl jasmin, she's persian
by -B.A.Y. April 1, 2007
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The only person that can own Ron. She is very tall, and she can own anything that she wants. She is also known as the
green giant, the pwner of pwn, the owner of own, and the "True Master of Ownage." She knows over 7 types of martial arts, and has mastered them to the degree that she teaches her sensei new moves. Her only weakness: Chuck Norris.
Ron: omg it's her! run!!!
by Material February 15, 2006
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