Pince-nez (also known as Oxford glasses) are a style of spectacles which were popular in the 19th century. They are supported without earpieces by pinching the bridge of the nose. Their name comes from the french, meaning 'to pinch the nose'. Pince-nez first appeared in the 1840's, reaching their popularity around 1880 to 1900. They experienced a revived popularity in the late 1990's and in 2000, with the release of The Matrix. One of the main characters, Morpheus, wore a pair of reflective Pince-nez as part of his outfit.
Morpheus and Teddy Roosevelt wore Pince Nez
by Shrike May 30, 2005
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Similar to beer goggles, but for the more refined. Synonymous with the 'sherry monocle'.
"Stephen Fry doesn't have beer goggles, he has Madeira Pince-Nez."
by Jonathan Cooper December 1, 2006
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A commonly used phrase in Sydney, Australia ('chook' is Australian slang for chicken), meaning a great idea. Normally an unusual or ingenious idea, solving some kind of problem.
"That's genius mate, Pince-Nez on a chook!"
by SenorVittorio October 4, 2021
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When you attempt to give a girl a Dutch Blindfold, but your balls are too small, or her eyes are too wide set, and it ends up simply straddling the bridge of her nose instead.
I went for the Dutch Blindfold with (girl's name) last night, but her eyes are so wide set it ended up looking like spectacles, or Dutch Pince-Nez instead.
by Flemdia October 18, 2011
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Refers to an assistance-related question --- either a request for a favor or an offer to provide help yourself --- regarding a slightly "cranky" subject dat da person whom you're approaching might otherwise feel annoyed/embarrassed to be queried about; you therefore "soften the blow" by humorously "packaging" your question as a knock-knock joke, and using da first name of dat geeky-lookin' Prez wif da round-rimmed spectacles as da name of da "visitor" in da joke.
Here are da two “classic” ways dat ya would smilingly employ da “pince-nez president poser” to hopefully lessen da distress dat your listener would likely feel to be asked said question:
To ask da person for his assistance:
Knock, knock…”
”Who’s there?”
”Woodrow, who?”
“Woodrow be reasonably able to ___ for me sometime in da next few days?”
Or to offer da person your own assistance:
“Knock, knock…”
”Who’s there?”
”Woodrow, who?”
“Woodrow like me to ___ for you occasionally, if it’s reasonably convenient for both of us?”
by QuacksO November 5, 2018
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