someone who has taken a lot of pill-form drugs. pilled up refers to the way the person looks after taking drugs. similar to the expression drugged up, but is used to describe a higher drug class, i.e. ecstasy is a class A drug and is a pill. can also be used to describe a general drug high. common expression used at raves and in clubs.
He was so pilled up last night
That is one pilled up chav
you look pilled up
by lemox June 09, 2005
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Pill-up is what older women do when they have to interact with their ex-husband. Ex-husbands just drink and swear to deal with the bitchy, pilled-up ex-wife.
My step-mother likes to pill-up when her ex-husband comes in from out of town. I wish she would just smoke pot and drink a lot like the rest of us.

I found my step-mother digging through my purse and stealing my migraine medicine. "Oh I guess Thomas is coming to town," I said. She nodded and took a double dose.
by CyAdora September 22, 2010
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person who continuously has a pill jaw and wears chefs clothes.
pilled up chef is on a pilled up rampage!!
by Henny October 14, 2004
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