Epic yellow object made from Chuck Norris's guts and Charlie Sheen's blood. A living Tesla Coil. If his lightning was projected in real life, it would be around a hundred million volts, and a few hundred amps. AKA Deadly but awesome. Pikachu hates going into Pokeballs, and controls children's minds through it's total epicness. A male pikachu has a pointy tail, and a female has a heart. Pikachu is the god of adorable, fluffy things and is an apprentice for the god of high voltage, Nikola Tesla. Pikachu might cause seizures when zapping missiles though. Other than that, a tame one is extremely cuddly. Pikachu lost a lot of weight from the first season to now. That doesn't mean he's any less adorable and cute!
Today's kids will never know why Pikachu is always out of its pokeball... Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, and Emolga are all related, according to Bulbapedia. Also, you can tell by looking at them. They all have circles on their faces, and they are all tiny, and they are all cute as fuck.

Joke: What is an electric Pokemon's capacitance measured in?

*Pika, pico meaning 10^-12, geddit?*
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 10, 2011
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Pikachu is a yellow piece of shit who brainwashes young children and rapes them in their bad he seems to like going after the nigger population (i'm black) and treats them like slaves with his homo friend ash katchadick they make an ugly team and brainwash the children of the world sadly the producer of pokemon is a heroin addict and infected all the world with this shit gladly ever1 in the world is out to kill him he also produced pokemon porn what a fucking loser pikachu is
Tommy: Oh look it's pikachu let's murder him

Sammy: ** Takes 2 knives and slaughters him? or her?**
by Murderer01 January 26, 2007
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The most over-used, useless piece-of-trash pokemon ever created
Pikachu, I choose you!
by Iam a ninja July 25, 2016
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Stated in the first season of Pokemon this creature is a mildly bastard who doesnt give a shit and doesnt listen to commands! He does everything on his own and completely ignores everything. He is also known as a partner. HE DOESNT DO SHIT WHAT THE HELL
Pikachu use thunderbolt!
Pikachu has started rubbing his dick!
by Xnogenz January 04, 2016
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