Any one person from the Eastern Pacific Islands. They range from 4ft-5ft in height and are usually aggressive in nature due to the "Napoleon Complex Syndrome". They move in packs, always train for some "UFC" match, and extremely hyper sensitive about there size.

When alone/by themselves are quite docile people. other wise known as "pussies".
Those fuckin pigmy are always tryna fight.
by paboyantz November 06, 2007
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A short race of creatures that live in forests and jungles usually aggressive and prone to canibalism. One should stay away from such creatures due to their desire to cut toes off
Robert: *walks through forest*
Robert: *looks down*
Robert: where the heck are my toes!

Kevin: darn pigmy got ‘em now
by Not Kyle April 05, 2019
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British slang term for a Steak and Kidney meat pie.

Sold at British fish & chip shops as an alternative to having fish with your chips.
Chuck us on a snake and pigmy, I'm feeling right hungry today!
by Chris Dodkin December 19, 2007
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majorly small asscheeks,verry very long pubs stinky bunghole smelling as of fried asscrack got them big ol oranguntan titties
wendy has a pigmy rumpus cetis she smells like a decaying cow that has benn sitting and rotting
stacy said to dina and pam
by harry leg April 08, 2009
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