Bro. Ninja. Nigga. Dude. Buddy. Pal.
What up, my piglet.
Whats good, my piglet.
My beauty sleep, my piglet.
Hey my piglet.
Wtf are you doing piglet.
You're done my piglet.
You're done piglet.
I'm done lmao.
by ibras August 27, 2013
A devoted member of the Church of Firnando. She is the spouse of Harold Mcflucker, the cult's- I mean church's- custom bot, and leader of the elusive Old Zealand. She enjoys orchestrating philosophical discussions, often pertaining to free will. She has authored a hymn for Firnando and intends to publish more hymns and tales in the future. Her nicknames and aliases include, but are not limited to: Moss, Piglet, Piggy, Moss Mcflucker, Demodex folliculorum, Alyssum Zara, and God. She aspires to earn a Ph.D. in either cognitive science or abnormal psychology. In her spare time, you may find her consuming infants (for research purposes).
Henry Cole: "why does Moss Piglet keep smooshing people?"
Harold Mcflucker: "Let us celebrate Moss's absence with crumpets and tea."
Moss Piglet: "I am the formidable Moss Piglet, the deity of educated guesses."
by Church_Of_Firnando November 8, 2020
an English term used when someone has done something stupid
Ben's shat himself he's snorting piglets
by pigeon pooper November 8, 2019
a heffer of a person who is both portly like a cow and a fucking PIG WHORE!!!
Jesus Christ Jeane, shut up and clean out that mustache you filthy cow piglet! FUCK!
by ryan FUCKING b October 23, 2010
During times of pandemic, the common flu is known as Piglet Flu. While less deadly than Swine Flu it still makes you feel like shit. However, because it is not infamous like swine flu you get no respect from having it. So you feel like crap and no one gives a damn because you don't have h1n1.
Doctor: How do you feel.
Patient: Like shit.
Doctor: Well the tests came back, you don't have swine flu. So get the hell out you lazy good for nothing bastard. Come back with a real illness.

Patient (as he is thrown out) But i really do have the flu. Even if it is only piglet flu.
by Kaiser123 May 5, 2009
Keep your piss piglet in your pants, you revolting perv. That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. And quit rubbing it. This is a family joint!
by pullmyfinger August 9, 2011
The cutest and sweetest person you know..

So nice, caring and fun..

An awesome person who brings you nice things and makes you smile..

Someone so sweet they make you look at the world like its all brand new

Sunshine and lollipops
aww Peter! Thank you for the diet coke, you're such a sweet Pumpkin Piglet!!

That dude is such a pumpkin piglet!

He is the cutest pumpkin piglet i've ever seen!

I love my pumpkin piglet ..he's the Best!!
by papa jenneblly March 30, 2011