Where the fuck is it? I don’t know? Why is there a New Zealand if there is no Old Zealand? Help me find Zealand.
“Old Zealand isn’t real
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019
Better written as Nieuw Zeeland, this country was named after Zeeland in the Netherlands by Abel Tasman, the first European explorer to reach it. Tasmania was named after this guy.

That's where the old Zealand was, in case you were wondering.
"Hey, Tasman! Wat dat eiland u is?"
"Het is een prachtige plaats! Ik ga het Nieuw Zeeland "
by Tomaso April 17, 2005
a state in Netherlands
Guy 1: If there is a New Zealand, where is old zealand
Guy 2: its in the Netherlands
by A really big weirdo July 24, 2022