a deragatory term referring to some one who is a fuckhole, usually an immature person
billy was such a damn piglet, thinking he could hang with the bros
by rob the gangsta November 21, 2009
The offspring of incredibly, stupendously fat people.
Tim: yo, Bob check out that piglet
Bob: she looks just like her mother
by pigletpeople March 25, 2013
White boi: Yo whatup nigga

Brown/Black man: Fuck Outta my sight Piglet, Oink in the mud cuckboi
by Onslaught 👊🏻 September 28, 2019
A security guard, traffic warden, or police officer in training, as opposed to a real cop (pig).
Shit, that bloody piglet gave me a parking ticket for two extra fucking minutes here.
by Bunny92 January 2, 2022
When a person is fucking someone from behind, reaches over their head and grabs their nostrils pulling them back; creating a pig snout.
I was fucking her from behind, reached over the top and gave her the piglet. Oink oink!!!!
by Viper87051 February 19, 2021