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A women or man that goes beyond dirty sex; that eats anything and lays in a dirty bed.
by roster January 11, 2008
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slut who sleeps with disgusting people or performs disgusting sexual acts......or both.
Jillian took John in the ass then licked him clean!!! She is such a pigwhore !!!!
by Miguel Mendoza May 03, 2003
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The term "Pigwhore" was created and gained popularity from use by four young men from New Ulm, MN starting on August 7th 2002 when the term was first used. The term was used mostly by Dan S. in reference to large females that had body and facial features ranging from mediocre to downright grotesque. The definition covers a very broad spectrum of charactoristics of unappealing nature and can be used in almost any situation. The popularity of the term "pigwhore" has moved from mainly use by backwoods hillbillys to being used in hollywood. The first and only verifiable use of the word "pigwhore" occurred on the season opening show of Scrubs in October of 2007. The word has been used elsewhere, but to a much smaller audience. Dan S. is quoted from a local magazine as stating "Oprah is a pigwhore, she makes me sick to my stomach everytime I see her attempting to act like she give gives two shits about anyone or thing other than her already bulging bank account" ( River Valley News, August 16, 2003, New Ulm, MN, Michael Ditterer ).
That chick with beer gut sure looks like a dirty pigwhore.
by Dan C. Smith November 21, 2007
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A verbally abusive slang insult, usually used in self-defense; to mock certain individuals or an individual who is not only morally equivalent to being just like that of a street prostitute, but a gigantic douche of the epic formidable level, and a filthy scumbag to boot. Essentially, someone who is not only an asshole, or a prick or faggot, but a really selfish, idiotic, pathetic one, of which has sank to the morally unforgivable proportions of lowlife. About as offensive as cunt or motherfucker. Often used to deprecate an opponent when very disgusted and enraged.
1. The snotty, rich, stuck-up toadies at my campus who push people around and talk shit while waltzing around like they own the school hallway are nothing but a bunch of well-off, spoiled, piece of shit, god-like attitude having, worthless pig whores.

2. I hate that Tom Cruise the pathetic Hollywood pig whore living a spoon-fed life in luxury trying to impose his tyrannical totalitarian sect of Scientology on the wider-world, yet never working a hard day's work in his little superficial life, nor experiencing the harsh realities and complex struggles of the real world.
by Kongamuse June 29, 2012
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A male who has sex with a lot of women, sticks his dick in everything, and basically acts like a total pig. Term is intended to be derogatory.
J. is a pigwhore. J. has sex with a lot of women all the time because he cannot control his sexual urges. He goes bar hopping always trying to get into someones pants. He will also meet women on craigslist and basically wherever he thinks he can get his dick wet.
by The Genie April 03, 2012
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