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The sound of a cop cars sirens, or the sound of a cop eating a donut, or the sound of a cop talking, or the sound of a cop radio.
by Nykotein March 18, 2010
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the noise made when you get your ring piece rogered by a big retarded inbred banjo playing shit-kicker
you got a real purdy mouth you lil pig squealer.. open up and pray on this
by tartanbeastie February 14, 2004
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This is where you are hitting a girl doggy-style and you are blowing on her butt hole to dry it out. Once you have reached the point of dryness you pull out and with a sharp hard thrust you stick it in her anally and listen to her squeal like a pig.
Sex was getting to ordinary so i turned my girl into a squealing pig
by hotactioncock September 21, 2009
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A modern metal vocal technique that can be achieved by inhaling or exhaling. (Don’t use inhales.)
Pig-squeal - breeeeeeeeee
by DASII February 5, 2018
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