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Yelling Pidittle and punching the roof of the car when seeing a car with one headlight. The last person to yell and punch the roof removes one article of clothing. Great fun for late drunken nites, especially when you have your car full of girls. Note: pair of shoes and a pair of socks are one article respectively.
4 people in car, they see a pidittle and proceed to yell out "pidittle" and punch the roof of the car. Anne is last, thus she has to remove her shirt, pants, or shoes. Anne cannot remove socks or underwear due to being under existing articles.
by MosesOnAcid July 04, 2006
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Punch the celing of your car after seeing a car with one head light and yelling pidittle, everyone else in the car takes a shot.Great for the passengers not so much so for the driver.
"dude you totally ran into that tree and totaled your car."
"Well I might have seen it if we hadn't been playing pidittle for seven hours."
by Bosman January 07, 2005
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A pidittle is a car that drives with only one headlight. When you see a pidittle, you must punch the ceiling of your car and yell 'Pidittle!' The first person to do so gets one point. Seven points adds one year to your sex life.

See also: asshole
Pidittle! <hits ceiling, points to passing car with one headlight>
by Ryan November 27, 2004
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