A truckers term for a roadside rest area where homosexual activity and prostitution occur.
10-4 good buddy, you just pull off into the next pickle park and I'll show you good buddy.
by Jolly Roger March 14, 2004
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Usually referred to as a Rest Area or Rest Stop along interstate highways where men sit and wait for truckers looking to get off.
I cruised the pickle park last night for several hours looking for hot truckers to suck
by TruckerSucker April 16, 2019
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A person hanging out in highway rest areas for purpose of sexual pleasures. (Trucker term)
Don't pull off in that rest area there's a cornholin',poopy packin' peter puffin' pickle park pervert, turd burgalar in there.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
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One who frequents highway rest stops or park and rides known for homosexual activity. They usually wait in their cars for others to arrive and then pair up for a night of cornholeing and knob gobbling. The prince is most of the time the pitcher very rarely the catcher,but known to take a load if the price is right.
The prince of pickle park rules exit 61 on the LI Expressway.
by buck burrmeister September 16, 2006
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