It is a term New Yorkers use as "getting drunk" to use if you dont want any one knowing you are.. such as your parents:)
Hey Amy, lets go pick some flowers at Zeds house. That would be fun!!
by Val November 3, 2004
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Picking flowers refers to when someone is visiting the bathroom.

Its also pretty feminine thing to say, and maybe even a bit prestigous, not sure though
Girl 1; I need to go pick flowers, brb
Girl 2; I'll come with you

Picking flowers
by TrappedForever June 11, 2020
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It means to pick a spot to hit, slap, or kick
Drunk dad- "Why aren't the dishes washed" !!
Child- "Sorry dad!! I forgot, I had a long day so I took a nap."
Drunk dad- "that's it" !!
Child- "it's okay dad pick a flower and do it I'm used to the pain" :(
by iCoNiC r4T September 21, 2018
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Pinching the nipple of a female and pulling hard.
Dude i was going flower picking the other day and this one chick's nipple just popped out.
by Jibrie April 4, 2006
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basically, it means grabbing tits. you can also say picking flowers.
Joe: Hey man, what'd you do saturday night?
John: Me and some homies went to flower picking.
Joe: NICE! How were they?
John: Double D baby
by nick block September 29, 2008
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The act of picking crusted shit out of ones asshole then smelling it.
by Billyjoe696969 October 15, 2021
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The act of picking up multiple boys at a club, bar or any social scene.
I was at the club last night picking boys like flowers.
Samantha is so hot she picks boys like flowers.
by KattLee January 24, 2014
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