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You suffer from padd when you open your phone to text someone and find yourself watching a video or playing a game. Forgetting simple tasks between flipping through screens. Phone attention deficit disorder.
Wow I was suffering from a bad case of padd. I opened my phone and forgot what I was looking up.
by Shovexxx February 12, 2015
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Usually "PADD designation," it stands for "person authorized to direct disposition." Basically, this means the person who checks the remains of a military personnel should they become a casualty.
Mr. John Smith was the PADD designate for Cpl. Smith, his son. Cpl. Smith was a casualty of war.
by rangerbourne May 26, 2009
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To have sexual intercourse with a chick, where she takes it in both holes. With 2 dicks.

Pussy Ass Double Dick.
Leona: i hate you
Rei: Bitch, shut your fuckin' mouth, or i'll tape you to the bed and give you a mighty paddin'
by Rei10 March 12, 2008
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