A noise that laser beams makes
OMFgzzzLAZORrrBEAMzzzPEWPeW lol bbqpwned
by Jaqq June 18, 2006
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Probably the best game available on Android which was released within a couple of years.
Hey, have you played PewPew Live?
It's the best game to play on your phone?
Oh! I thought mobile gaming ended 10 years ago!
I know right! It's free and has no annoying ads! And no pay-to-win nonsense either!
Damn! Imma download it right now!
by arjunbroepic August 9, 2022
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A pewpew virgin is a poopoo virgin. It pretty much means you haven't taken a shit then stuffed it back up your ass... yet.
I'm a pewpew virgin and proud.
by Trululululululz August 19, 2011
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