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The name of that god-awful Princess at the Royal Palace. Yeh that one! Next to the Academy of Jelqing.
She is the Ultimate NAME for defining filth, vermin, bad taste and smells. Her secretary, Mary Mount, is not worth mounting. Her other slaves, like Mojo, and Madre Loki, encourage the outrageous parties at the Academy.
"Come near me and act like peussie and I'll kill you"
"Peussie is the word and the deed, and the sperm gone to seed"
"Don't you even dare think about doing a Peussie on me"
by Dynamo Mama December 03, 2007
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a most unpleasant color; a mixture of Brown and Purple, like a stain or a bruise, somewhat like Puce, but darker and actually smelly
Her name is Princess Peussie, and she's a goddess but why in the world does she die her hair that PEUSSIE color? it's so nasty!!!

Peussie is the color; Peussie is the smell !
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