Maker of one of the first and still best 300hp 4 cylinder rally cars.
The Peugeot 206 dominated in the World Rally Championship of 2000
by Brian June 18, 2003
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The car we had in the 80's that never worked.
Our french car broke down again, next time im buying a honda!
by Cityindesert August 4, 2004
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French car manufacturer currently dominating some rally events.
Dirt cheap cars to thrash on the school run.
by Gumba Gumba April 4, 2004
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A Car Company Specialising In Cars Which Are Terrible To Own, Electrical Problems From 1990-2006 And Engine Problems From 2006-

Both Peugeots Owned By Me Have Been Absolutely Terrible. I Only Had A Second Because It Was A Replacement For The First.
Look At That Idiot In A Peugeot. Hes Broken Down Again, Can I Help You With Your Peugeot, My Peugeots In The Garage. Can I Have A Lift In Your Vauxhall
by AllHearingAllSeeing August 11, 2011
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A road-rage phrase used whenever another driver pisses you off in some way, and that person is driving a peugeot.

Originated from a Youtube video in 2015. The camera car is following a Peugeot who is trying to join the M1 motorway southbound from the A414. Rather than accelerating to get ahead of the adjacent lorry, the Peugeot driver makes a misjudgement and slows down to a crawl to try and join.

Since then there have been several spin-off videos, all involving Peugeots being driven badly.
*Peugeot slows down on motorway slip road*

by CycloneChilli June 11, 2018
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A person that owns a Peugeot made after 1997 generally a bit of a fuckwit. These people are often bad drivers that cause a lot of issues on the roads of the UK.

Other Definitions may include a shit driver. someone lacking of driver experience.
Jeff. Hey John I bought a Peugeot 207

John. Oh bollocks mate your going to turn into a right Peugeot driver
Jeff cries every time......
by Donald The Dumper April 16, 2017
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