Means someone who is sick in the head and likes to molest young pets.
Yo dawg did ya'll see dem peeps over therrr? Dem ones dat be in da middle be lookin like petifiles!
by DGeatatJG June 23, 2009
A person who is sexually attracted to young animals which are kept as pets. Usually this uncontrollable sexual apPETite is limited to just cats and dogs. However, some extreme petifilers will love smaller pets like a gerbils in a very special way (see Gerbilling for more info).

Having sexual relations with your pets is wrong. Don't do it!
Just because a cat is called a pussy does not mean you can fuck it... KITTY PORN must be stopped!
The catholic veterinarian was arrested yesterday for being a "Petifiler".
The "petifile" loved to masturbate to kitty porn movies!
Gerbilling is the darkside of Petophillia commonly referred to as "Petifeelinme".
by Skull Duggery July 19, 2011
youre a dumb fatass that needs to pay attention in class and spell pedofile right instead of petifile 💞
by fat ogre shit September 20, 2020