A word prudes use to describe the natural fact that men enjoy the way women look.

Heck, where would we be if men did not like the way women looked? That's right, extinct!!!
Did you see that guy looking at her ass, what a pervert.
by Concerned Citizen 100 November 06, 2008
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Someone who's constantly got sex on the brain, and usually loves to share it with others.
John: Hi Jane.
Jane: Hi John. Hey, look. A dollar on the ground.
John: Oooh, really? *Bends to grab $*
Jane: Biggety back that ass up!
John: You shameless pervert.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
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perverts:(per-verts) pl n. - drooling, table leg humping, rabid man dogs sitting at their computers with their cams on clutching their calloused over used penis in a trance like state whilst watching bertha big butt porn and sweet talking even the ugliest women in chat rooms in desperate hopes of convincing her to show her boobies (or more) on cam.
lisa became so disgusted with the pathetic perverts online that she now blocks them on contact.
by lisa d December 06, 2006
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1. A guy who acts out with the kind of sexual deviant behavior that most other guys only fantasize about.

2. Potentially every guy in the world.
Pervert teacher: (attempting to look up the skirt of one of his female students that is sitting in the front row of his classroom.)

Jen: OMG Ryan! Look at that pervert Mr. Rogers trying to look up Melissa's skirt!

Ryan: YEAH! What a pervert! (While thinking to himself... it's probably a great view... I wish Jen weren't here.)
by crazy88s October 22, 2006
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Anyone who gets sexual satisfaction from doing something unusual. Definitions of "perverted" behavior vary depending on who's using the word. To a ninety-six-old-old grandma, tongue kissing may be see as perverted. To a twenty-one-year-old guy, smearing chocolate sauce all over his girlfriend's body and licking it off while she's tied up isn't.
One person's pervert may be another's kinky.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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Term used by people who are hypocrites because were all "perverts". We all crave sex, but some crave it more than others and these people are called perverts but still theyre hypocrites because they crave sex too. People who say this term are usually too immature to handle sex.
Idiot: Hey whats up?

Normal Person: Looking at porn, you wanna watch.

Idiot: OMGee you are such a pervert!

Normal Person: Hey smartass we all get horny, its just natural.
by I'm smart as the day is long October 11, 2009
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Someone who goes around making jokes at other people being very crude and pornographic thinking they are being funny or making a pass at someone and being very nasty with horny jokes

by browngirlsdonttakebs May 05, 2009
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