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A creature created by imagination, often originally deriving from solar rituals but adapting to fit the times. Examples include Death, the Sandman, the Soul-Cake Duck, the Tooth Fairy...and the Hogfather.
"Says here 'Implied Creation Of Anthropomorphic Personification.' What's that mean?"
"Er...I think Hex has tried to work out the answer."
by Ukulelelike February 01, 2013

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NOT a lizard. Not even a reptile. In fact, it is a mostly aquatic amphibian closely related to salamanders and axolotls. Newts are predatory and like to eat aquatic worms, that can be ordered from Carolina Biological Supply (for you biologists out there.) A newt hatches from the egg with gills, but metamorphoses within the first few months of its life. Once a newt has metamorphosed, it may come out on land, but often will spend most of its time in the water. This depends on the species.
Alpine newts, gold-dust newts, firebelly newts, marbled newts, red-spotted newts, crested newts
by Ukulelelike July 05, 2012

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A society ruled by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
21st Century America is a mediacracy.
by Ukulelelike December 21, 2012

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