(n) someone who lost a contest but considered the winner regardless, especially in the public eye.
The underdog boxer surprised the crowd by finishing the match; though he lost via the judge's score, the fan's considered him the people's-champion.
by -☁- March 1, 2018
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Another name for a desperate losing cheat that tries to win by kicking his opponents out of the race
Valeban 1: Damn, Rossi got a rear of grid penalty for that kick that caused Marquez to crash. He'll never win the championship now.
Valeban 2: Never mind. He'll always be the people's champion
Valeban 1: True that, and he likes coming up from the rear, anyway
by Eyre of the Fred August 9, 2017
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the rock, dwayne johnson. he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. we all worship him. he is one above God. im pretty sure Jesus and superman are less popular than him.
the rock is the people's champion. Superman and jesus are somes bitches from stories
by tinytom November 23, 2006
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The name given to the greatest Fortnite player of all time. He uses his skills to feed the impoverished alien race of the planet Galobtar.
I was hanging out on Wright 2nd the other day and saw The People's Champion get 1st place with a green revolver.
by Norm in the Dorm December 24, 2017
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