After getting your mom drunk, we went up to her and your father's bedroom and started fucing with such passion that I broke her legs and back.
by Troth January 2, 2009
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A easy to use contraction of the expression fuck face.
Stop being such a Fuce and help me out here.

Don't be such a Fuce and close the door.
by mort swindle and sunny March 3, 2009
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a person who cannot spell or pronounce a word, usually an insult, correctly
if one were to say "you botch", they would be a fuce
by dmp chall March 5, 2007
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Like fucking, only better. Usually used in chat rooms, by people who are too cool to use the 'k' button.
Jules: I wanna go to the mall, and watch a goddamn movie.

Jojo: Let's fucing do it, dude!

Dick: That's fucing awesome.

Jane: I know, I know.
by o_mysterious_one November 14, 2009
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