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One whose diet includes semen, usually derived from the act of fellatio.
My girlfriend and Lance Bass have one thing in common - they're both penivores.
by Sir Douche August 06, 2006
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A straight Female or a Homosexual male. One who likes Penis and views it as the only genitalia they will take in the mouth or enjoy in general.
" I asked Stacy on a date yesterday but she said she was Penivore.." "I'm sorry about that Katie."
by a penivore January 02, 2010
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A woman, usually of asian descent, that straight loves the meaty fuckin cock. All Day Err Day. A woman that complains each morning of jaw issues due to how much dick she has been sucking. If an individual gives more than roughly 25 blowjobs a year, to completion (orgasm), she can be classified as a penivore.
Ashley sucks a dick more than 25 times per year.
Ashley is a penivore.
by AK Estate September 26, 2012
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