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A term for a stupid competition, usually where one thinks has it better than the other one.

The origin of the expression is from the French "Guerre de pΓ©nis", where guys would actually compare their dicks to eachother, usually one saying one has a bigger one than the other. It could also be of Roman origin, when it used to be an honor pissing alongside with someone of higher authority.

Usually dick heads are engaged in penis wars. Real men don't even engage in such stupid arguments.
Look at the penis wars going on... all about who's got a bigger stick shift on their trucks...
by Damn Damn Danno October 03, 2005
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A contest of wills fought by two men slapping their dicks against one another until one man becomes erect, at which point he loses, because he is gay (no offense.)

Often accompanied by the chant, "1-2-3-4! Let's have a penis war!"
Tom: "Did you hear? Ryan and Raul are going to have a penis war."

Brent: "I'm pretty sure that means they're BOTH gay."

Tom: "Oh."
by Japhasca July 26, 2011
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when two or more guys (or girls) get out their penises (hard or flaccid) and duel with them. This usually consists of the competitors smaking their knobs together - kinda like 'knuckles' - until one quits or submits.

HARDCORE GAMERS may involve household objects in their game, playing until blood is drawn.

Some items used are:

Barbed wire, paint thinner, lit matches and gasoline, sandpaper and lime, superglue and glass shards.
Man, me and Jim had a penis war last night...I bust him open pretty bad. He's gonna nedd stitches on his shaft.
by lemonboy September 30, 2006
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Penis wars. When real men cum out and women shrivell.
sam failed at penis wars thats why he didnt the woman
by Paul May 07, 2005
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