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Noun. Oral sex immediately following anal intercourse.
A direct reference to the John Mellencamp song, "Jack and Diane," specifically the line "Suckin' on a chili dog, outside the tasty freeze." The chili dog refers to a penis having come into recent contact with fecal matter, and the word "suckin'" refers to a "blow job" (fellatio.)
Jesus fucking christ, Anna's breath reeks! I bet she just gave her boyfriend a Jack and Diane.
by Japhasca May 10, 2010
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1. The appearance of breasts created by holding one's scrotum tightly against one's penis shaft, so that the testicles appear as the aforementioned breasts, with the head of the penis as the head of a tiny woman. Works best if the penis is both circumcised and shaved. However, a hairy penis and/or ballsack can give the hilarious impression of a busty gorilla.

2. An angry interjection used to express frustration.

3. An insult implying stupidity or annoyance.
1. Person 1: "Hey dude, check out these huge dicktits!"
Person 2: "You're a fag."

2. "Fucking dicktits! I hit my goddamn thumb with this hammer!"

3. "Stop being such a fucking dicktit, you goddamn assmunching cheesedick moron."
by Japhasca July 26, 2011
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A contest of wills fought by two men slapping their dicks against one another until one man becomes erect, at which point he loses, because he is gay (no offense.)

Often accompanied by the chant, "1-2-3-4! Let's have a penis war!"
Tom: "Did you hear? Ryan and Raul are going to have a penis war."

Brent: "I'm pretty sure that means they're BOTH gay."

Tom: "Oh."
by Japhasca July 26, 2011
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