its as skinny as a pencil , i could choke on it ...
"omg ! itcan fitin my pocket!its like a handy dandy mini pen!"extra small!and skinny as fuck!
by karina November 25, 2003
Dennis needs more D to go with his ICK, because he has a pencil dick. Is that a pencil in your pocket, Dennis I mean Dencil!
by Ginger Frick June 21, 2006
Pencil Dick is Anal Retentive with Pencil.
Pencil Dick Talks like he has a Pencil in his ass.
by Bill Kennedy October 9, 2007
Having a skinny thin pencile like dick.
He got a small pencile dick.
by YoungBlood<69>_- March 21, 2017
Pencil Dick is a male dumb ass that uses his thumb (dick) to blow his nose. Dick is the size of his thumb!
Pencil Dick always looking for his asshole with his thumb!
by Andrew Weber October 15, 2007
While this manly man may have the skinniest penis one has ever layed their eyes on, he happens to be charming and sweet. He seems to be attracted to toxic bitches but seems to be breaking his cycle. He likes ass and mows grass. 10/10
Guy 1: yall here pencil dick dalton spews bacon grease from his long peepee.
Guy 2: you know it, I cook with that h*ckin stuff.
by LordBigPeepee June 23, 2019