The cute boy in the hunger games that loves katniss/dates/marries
It was so sad how peeta was hijacked but katniss still loved him
by audrey33 December 28, 2016
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Bruh hes dog, good handsome dog, who justs loves to have a good time, dont get on his bedside though, cause hes a dog and will not be scared to eat you
Person 1: whos that?
Me: dog peeta
by Bumholebumhole June 11, 2020
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A character from the Hunger Games. His name translates to Bread Cake. Peeta is a spelling of Pita, and Mellark is a type of cake.
Peeta Mellark is the baker's son, and his name means bread cake!
by Cat<3 March 25, 2017
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A secondary character in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. He is the male tribute from District 12 in the 74th Annual Hunger games. The Games are a fight to the death between a girl and a guy from each of the 12 districts that everyone is forced to watch on live T.V. He is one of 2 (supposed)love interests of the main character, Katniss.
His family is relativly well off, as they own a bakery. His mother is a pushy witch, his father a sweet kindly old man. He has two older brothers, the only ones who could beat him in the sschool wrestling competition. His strengths in The Hunger Games were his muscly size and his camoflauging skills.
His personality is sweet, loyal, strong and thoughtful...and uber hot!
Katniss doesn't deserve Peeta Mellark's love.

Peeta Mellark is my homeboy

by Elnora April 10, 2009
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the best character in the hunger games tbfh
he’s gorgeous, sweet, optimistic and is just <33
yo bro you know peeta mellark?
hell yeah! all my homies love him
by hangezoesfavoritegf August 25, 2021
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One of the main characters from "The Hunger Games" , a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, a genius. Peeta is the 2nd tribute from District 12 to compete in the Hunger Games, a sadistic game made to entertain the people of the Capitol. Peeta is in love with Katniss Everdeen, the main character of the series, and she doesn't deserve him at all. Peeta is sweet, loving, kind-hearted, brave, strong, and sexy. In other words, Peeta Mellark is what every girl wishes a real boy could be.
girl 1: OMG, I loooooove Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games! He is so amazing. <3

girl 2: I know right. Ugh, I wish someone exactly Peeta could exist, the world would be a better place. <3
by HGfreak101 May 15, 2011
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