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The inability to urinate in public, for example at a crowded row of urinals.
"What's the matter? I thought you said you had to go?"

"I *do*, but I just got pee shy."
by The Grammar Nazi July 02, 2004
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The inability to urinate under pressure.

Also known as shy bladder and the medically diagnosable social anxiety disorder paruresis. Varies widely in severity but is thought to affect 7% of the population.

Often associated with familiar persons waiting or being within hearing distance or privacy concerns, although severe paruretics may never pee in public.
I'm late for class cause I had to pee.
by Hesitant Wang August 31, 2004
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Pee shy a.k.a pee anxiety --
You have to pee like a champ....unfortunately, when you get to that public urinal it is to quiet. You fear your peeing sounds will be to loud (echoing throughout the numerous other stalls) so you are unable to release your urine.

A fear that another person is listening to you urinate, your muscles tighten up, no matter how hard you try you cannot urinate.
"Turn on the water so you cant listen to me pee"
by Brianna August 27, 2004
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Pee shy is the inability to pee when anyone else is near by.
I hadn't peed all day. I was ready to burst. I stood at the urinal when a friend came in and stood by me. No matter what, I couldn't pass a drop. He asked me as he pissed and pissed what was wrong. I said it is all your fault.I am
peeshy. I went home with a swollen bladder and then could go.
by Ivy League 82 August 23, 2006
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Pee shy happens when I stand at the urinal and 25 guys are behind me.
Mindy's mother asked her why she always pee so much after school. Mindy answered that she can't go in school anymore. She is now pee shy. Her girlfriend Wendy told her that she has been hanging out at her house so much that she caught her dad's genetic disease called stage fright.
by filup October 25, 2006
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A peeshy is the cute version of the word peesh. See peesh for definiton. I just felt like writing peeshy.
R.J. has no peeshy; neither does Rachel. That's cool.
by Christiney September 11, 2007
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n. a delectable treat eaten by the Chupacabra tribe of East Africa in order to cure the dreaded disease of Assincockophilia.

*Note: Everytime someone says "peeshy", you have to touch his/her penis and/or vagina.
Johnny says, "I have Assincockophilia! What do I do?!" And Philbert says, "Eat some peeshy." And then Johnny says, "I feel better."
by Jacklyn Lisi September 30, 2006
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