The cold-chill, tingly-esque feeling a male experiences when having a long awaited pee. Usually causes one to twitch uncontrolably. May be accompanied by poophoria if taking a number 2.
Everytime Cromie gets the pee shivers, he gets a few dribbles on his pants, which is NOT grenades
by EyeAmGod March 22, 2005
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That feeling you get when your finished peeing, mostly in males.
Don't you just love those pee shivers?
by onethinwallaway June 27, 2004
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The inner child in you who think its funny to make you shiver while peeing.
Your a guy, you just woke up and you gotta go real bad, you dash to the bathroom an let flow you waterfall. All of a suddens you feel cold. As you start to shiver your flow is directed all over the bathroom. Damn the pee shivers.
by Mitchell and Ben July 7, 2005
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Pee shivers, also known as the Lentricchia Shiver, are a naturally occurring shutter sometimes following urination.
I just had an uncontrollable shake after peeing. The weird thing was, I wasn't cold. It must have been pee shivers.
by Dr. Pottymouth November 26, 2009
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When a male urinates into a toilet, and while doing so receives chills through the body in which your body shivers. It may affect aim of the urine stream into a "Z" shaped line and may cause you to have to wipe the seat.
That pee shiver felt great! My body shook in the middle of my pee and it was satisfying.
by Kritap GcM September 20, 2009
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A shiver that may occur before, during, or after peeing. The shiver is not limited to peeing. Scientifically, the human subconcious has the ability to focus subliminally on the act of peeing without the individual being aware; thus, a shiver will sometimes occur at random times without warning.
Dude, I just had a massive pee shiver while I was driving.
by truthhurts4863 November 12, 2010
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when you have to pee so bad and when you finally make it to the toilet, you actually shiver a bit because it feels so good to finally be peeing.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i had to pee so bad i totally just got the pee-pee shivers, i shook the whole toilet.
by weiner4ya August 20, 2009
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