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polar bear killer. often associated with bpbk born polar bear killer. only refers to one man in the world who kills poler bears with his bear hands.
guy 1: that kid over there looks like he just got back from the north pole.

guy 2: Yea, he is a pbk

Guy1: What?

Guy 2: yea a pbk poler bear killer.
by One man on a island June 13, 2010
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intials meaning Pink Ballon Knot. stands for a fine looking, caucasian, female, whose balloon knot or asshole is likely pink.
Damn homie, did you see that pbk just walk into the bar?
by 2131232 July 23, 2008
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Please Be Kind

A genuine request for people to be kind. Its usually expressed when a great deal of unpleasant comments/opinion/testimonies are being voiced with undue credit. This term was popularized by Saul Chaplin in 1938 with it being the title of his hit song. Revised versions performed by Frank Sinatra and various other artists Although this particular song was about lovers, the general gist of PBK is to always think of how our hearts would feel if we were on the receiving end of such comments or action.
Always think of how our hearts would respond... PBK
by PBK1346 July 03, 2010
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