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noun. word to describe a male with high sexual overtones, high intelligence, and low tolerance for idiots.
Oh dear, he's pulled a pavel.
by Patient Kitten November 06, 2006
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1)A sexy male with a hot girlfriend.

2) The word used to describe what you are if you are a hater.

3)Person(s) with larger then normal penis.
josh: Bro I wish I was a Pavel.
Dan: Why?
Josh: Because they always get the good looking girls.

Dan: Like who?
Josh: Like Dominique
Dan: Oh damn, She is pretty hot. I wish i was a Pavel
by P-WeEziy February 05, 2010
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Pavel is a really hot person, with brown eyes and is Slavic and likes to climb trees. Sometimes he gets rejected by girls, and is depressed.
Damm I feel bad for Pavel
by PAVEJL_0 January 23, 2018
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A seemingly normal guy, but underneath it all he is a romantic. He'll give you flowers and get along perfectly with your parents. He's highly intelligent and will always be able to make you laugh. He is sometimes a bit pushy to get his way, but if you make your opinion known he'll come around. He's also very athletic and good looking. Overall, a really good guy.
Girl 1:Her new boyfriend is Pavel.

Girl 2:Really? I heard he's a really good guy!
by Honeybee_1996 October 11, 2012
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A sweet, romantic guy who any girl would be lucky to find. A ton of fun, a great listener, and a dutiful Christian. He enjoys helping people and spending time outdoors. Is up for anything. Meet a Pavel and you will be smitten. A perfect guy.
who's on that mountain bike?" "O that's a Pavel
by SunriseMeadow May 24, 2011
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A stuck up artistic dumbass who rejects everyone
Person 1: will you go out with me?
Person 2: *dramatic voice* the birds are flying gently in the sky.... but gurl for me you're not so fly... no
Person 1: Oh wow such a Pavel... I'll go home.
by Ms.Bee May 25, 2018
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pavel.. a guy with a deep sexy voice, does NOT walk like a platypus..
*screeches like an asian girl*

ZOE: :0

pavel:zomg i have a sexy voice, SHUT UP!!
by UNDNTFUCKENKNOWME September 05, 2009
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