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to say you will do something and not show up, to be used in place of; lie, let down, fail, and bail out. when using paul out you one could use it in any of the following phrases and many that are not listed, pauling out, paul out, and pauled out. Also since this is not a noun but a verb as it is an action the name Paul is not capitalized.

Also please feel free to make fun of anyone you know who might fall into this definition, or make it a habit such as its namesake Paul.
Wow who is surprised that he would paul out again.
by flying monkey 1 January 23, 2011
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When you make plans with your friends and then don't answer your phone or texts when the time comes to fulfill said plans.
"Is he Pauling Out again?"

"Dude, he always pauls out. I haven't seen him in weeks"

"I knew he would Paul Out"
by Importdriver52 October 20, 2013
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