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Jake Paul and Logan Paul. two cringey ass youtubers who need to be removed from the internet. they are literally cancer. when their mom shit them out of the womb she gave them the personality of the god damn devil.
BOB: bro, how did you get cancer?
FRED: i watched jake paul and logan paul aka the paul brothers.
by eattidepods February 02, 2018
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Low life, stupid, cunt millennials who think they can get out of anything, for example saying the N-word or showing a dead body for six year olds to make fun of.

Or for the more short term, Cancer.
"Oh did you see all the stuff the Paul Brothers are in."
by UnknowUpTheButt May 09, 2018
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The worst people on the face of this earth (in order)- Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Hitler.

Jake Paul- A popular youtuber idiot children watch. (If you’re an older than 13 watching him.... what are you doing with your life?) He enjoys buying things he most likely shouldn’t have, and throwing fake moneyeverywhere. He also likes to hang out with the YOUNGES FLEXER OF THE CENTURY (who’s 9 if you forgot), Liltay. Jake Paul makes terrible, TERRIBLE songs, and even worse diss tracks. He got kicked off of Disney Channel for behavior on his channel, as a vlogger.
Logan Paul-An also popular man baby who got his younger brother, Jake Paul, famous off of his own vines and vlogs. Logan himself got famous off of Vine, the dead app, and eventually started a YouTube channel. Everything went downhill from there. He got a pomeranian, and a midget to drop college for him, has had “assistants” that he just screws around with. He likes breaking plates and spending shitloads of money on stuff that shouldn’t happen and he shouldn’t have. (Example: a school bus turned into a “party bus”) He filmed a suicide victim, and quit YouTube for months. Unfortunately he’s back on. He lost more than 2 million subscribers after that. He’s an idiot. An absolute, click baiting little shit.

Their parents spoiled the fuck out of them. They’re from Ohio. Jake even has this whole thing about “Ohio Fried Chicken”. Stay away from their channels. Don’t give the views they don’t deserve. The clickbait is real, guys.
Douche 9 year old (not Liltay):
Hey! Did you see that new Logan Paul vlog!

Douche 2: Yeah! So Liiiit. Did you see that hilarious Jake Paul vlog where he clickbaited?
Douche 1: Which one?

Douche 2: The most recent.
Douche 1: Yeah! So lit.

Douche 2: The Paul brothers are the best! I wanna be like them when I grow up.
by yourfavoriteh8r June 02, 2018
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